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AcreagePriceLocation / AddressNeighborhoodCountyStateDownload
2.03$31,000 33510 Blue Marlin DrOakwood ShoresBrazoriaTXDownload
2.01$29,900Lot 79 Palomino SpringsBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
2.05$29,900Lot 112 Palomino SpringsBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
3.27$39,900Lot 79 Champion WayStallion EstatesComalTXDownload
2.02$49,900 222 Enigma AvePeninsula at Mystic Shores (The)ComalTXDownload
1.2$75,000320 Valley LodgeCopper RidgeComalTXDownload
3.4$80,000Lot 111 Palomino SpringsBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
3.73$450,000 18420 FM 1314A0731 Ed H YEISERMontgomeryTXDownload
0.51$7,500120 September DrSeptember SoundFreestoneTXDownload
0.274$4,50055 The Dunes DrCliffsPalopintoTXDownload
3.01$19,900Lot 414 Canyon Wren LoopHills Above Possum KingdomPalopintoTXDownload
1.03$12,000Lot 910 Cinnamon TealHills Above Possum KingdomPalopintoTXDownload
0.51$25,000Lot 460 Canal StThe Shores on Richland Chambers LakeNavarro TXDownload
1.04$7,500Lot 1258 Hidden ValleyMountain LakesErathTXDownload
2.00$18,000Lot 143 Canyon Wren SHills Above Possum KingdomPalopintoTXDownload
0.407$9,995Lot 6-7 Oak Ridge DrivePoint Look Out EstatesSan JacintoTXDownload
11.70$65,00011-ac Arts Way7-R RanchPalo PintoTXDownload
0.57$15,0000.57-ac Brown Saddle CircleFlying L RanchBanderaTXDownload
4.68$39,900Lot 166 Flash CircleSettlement at Patriot Ranch (The)GonzalesTXDownload
2.19$10,000Lot 19 Arts Way7-R RanchPalo PintoTXDownload
0.2089$15,000Lot 61 Lakeside DriveLakeside BeachBurnetTXDownload
0.2410$6,000Lot 7 Whartons Dock RoadFlying L RanchBanderaTXDownload
1.00$95,00027111 W Balsam Fir CircleBenders Landing EstatesMontgomeryTXDownload
15.40$65,000843 Vacek RoadCOX & VALLOW SurveyMatagordaTXDownload
2.00$49,900963 Kings Cove DriveKings Cove ComalTXDownload
0.242$6,250707 FawnHorseshoe Bay ProperLlanoTXDownload
1.07$39,900579 White Oak DrParadise OaksHarrisTXDownload
0.73$25,000255 Jackson CircleSweetwater RanchNavarroTXDownload
1.554$35,000Lot 249 Overlook PointWaters Edge RanchHendersonTXDownload
10.795$65,00010.8-ac Pvt Rd 7409A.J. LAYMANCE SurveyHendersonTXDownload
1.65$45,000188 Rayner CircleRayner RanchComalTXDownload
1.30$49,900140 Rayner CircleRayner RanchComalTXDownload
2.5 $35,0002.5-ac Hidden Glory RdThos AllsberryBrazoriaTXDownload
0.459$39,9001385 Featherstone AveNorth Caplen AddnGalvestonTXDownload
0.555$18,0000.5-ac Coolcrest DrivePoint Look Out EstatesSan JacintoTXDownload
3.07$150,0001516 Via PrincipaleVintage Oaks At The VineyardComalTXDownload
2.02$99,9001512 Via PrincipaleVintage Oaks At The VineyardComalTXDownload
1.03$49,900340 John PriceRockin J RanchBlancoTXDownload
2.47$49,9002.5-ac Clear View CourtWaters Edge RanchHendersonTXDownload
0.50$75,00011585 Renaissance DriveThe Island At Grand HarborMontgomeryTXDownload
0.414$200,00044 Benthaven EBentwaterMontgomeryTXDownload
0.402$249,900174 Bentwater Bay DriveBentwaterMontgomeryTXDownload
1.014$49,900215 San SalvadoreEnsenada Shores at Canyon LakeComalTXDownload
4.14 $65,0004-ac Lago Vista DriveWaters Edge RanchHendersonTXDownload
5.32$120,000Lot 50 Shore Crest WayWaters Edge RanchHendersonTXDownload
2.38$29,9002.4-ac Mockingbird LaneThe LandingHillTXDownload
0.62$5,000Lot 290 Arrow Head LaneLakeside VillageSan JacintoTXDownload
3.15$49,900Lot 610 Martingale TrailBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
2.01$32,000Lot 166 Lariat TraceBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
4.20$75,0004.2-ac Buckskin TrailBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
1.03$49,900344 John PriceRockin J RanchBlancoTXDownload
0.76$49,900Lot 37024 FM 2147Horseshoe BayBurnetTXDownload
10.32$75,000Lot 51 County Rd 311Terra Medina RanchMedinaTXDownload
0.247$325,0002511 N Macgregor WayRiverside TerraceHarrisTXDownload
0.76$99,900105 Hidden Springs CourtBarton Creek LakesideBurnetTXDownload
1.74$49,900Lot 48 Highline BoulevardCagle Branch EstatesMontgomeryTXDownload
0.10 $30,000987 Gulf RoadHoliday BeachGalvestonTXDownload
3.31$99,900Lot 325 Bishop BendKing OaksGrimesTXsrc="" alt="Download" />
1.423 $49,900Lot 186 Cobalt CoveThe Shores On Richland Chambers LakeNavarroTXDownload
2.00$30,000Lot 151 Horseshoe FallsBridlegate BanderaTXDownload
2.01$25,000Lot 152 Lariat TraceBridlegate BanderaTXDownload
0.760$19,900188 Quail DriveBandera River RanchBanderaTXDownload
2.02$28,000Lot 444 Horseshoe FallsBridlegateBandera
1.36 $75,0009221 S Loop 497 WD. CHANDLER SurveyAustinTXDownload
1.49$99,900Lot 22 Midway DriveKleimann EstatesMontgomeryTXDownload
1.01$9,995Tract 418 Anglers RidgeMountain LakesErathTXDownload
1.05$25,000Lot 43 Keystone RidgeThe Cliffs At Water RidgeLlanoTXDownload
5.00$49,900Lot 9 Brumley RoadCarolina VillageWalkerTXDownload
0.379$49,90078 Panorama DrivePanorama-Green BriarMontgomeryTXDownload
16.14$250,000Tract 18-8 Bosque RoadRio Bosque/Rio AcresWallerTXDownload
0.70$140,000Lot 520 The Shores DriveThe Shores On Richland Chambers LakeNavarroTXDownload
2.78$25,000Lot 86 Jackson CircleSweetwater RanchNavarroTXDownload
1.32$75,0005331 Impala South RoadImpala South SubHendersonTXDownload
0.123$7,50068 Firewood RoadWildwood ShoresWalkerTXDownload
1.542$15,000Tract 729 Beacon Lake DriveMountain LakesErathTXDownload
1.32$15,0001.32-AC SE County Rd 3121Fowlers PointNavarroTXDownload
0.340$60,00070 Hunters Creek DriveWildwood ShoresHuntsvilleTXDownload
0.279$8,500301 Out YonderHorseshoe Bay ProperLlanoTXDownload
0.264$8,500105 WinchesterHorseshoe Bay ProperLlanoTXDownload
1.06$99,900145 Port Au Prince CourtRidgelake ShoresMontgomeryTXDownload
0.36$60,0000.36-ac Van SantCanal CityGalvestonTXDownload
0.36$60,0000.36-ac PenningtonCanal CityGalvestonTXDownload
0.1435$8,00080 Hillsborough DrHuntsvilleWalkerTXDownload
2.08$99,900521 Rittimann RoadCrossing Spring Creek (The)ComalTXDownload
2.54$79,999Lot 5 Argosy LaneRidgelake ShoresMontgomeryTXDownload
4.54$99,9007720 Saddle Blanket Dr Saddle Creek Forest GrimesTXDownload
0.1663$19,90099 Camden Hills DrBentwaterMontgomeryDownload
2.01$7,500Lot 460 Canyon Wren LoopHills Above Possum KingdomPalo PintoTXDownload
0.139$8,00096 N Forest DrWildwood ShoresWalkerTXDownload
0.169$12,000135 N Forest DrWildwood ShoresWalkerTXDownload
0.1484 $12,00041 Silver Lakes DrWildwood ShoresWalkerTXDownload
0.1791$39,900Lot 211 Bretshire DrFontaine PlaceHarrisTXDownload
0.2534$49,9008015 Birmingham StreetQuimby U/RHarrisTXDownload
1.000$25,000Lot 1 Brunch AveGospel HillWalkerTXDownload
0.350$19,900Lot 21 Hillsborough DrBentwaterMontgomeryTXDownload

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