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AcreagePriceLocation / AddressNeighborhoodCountyStateDownload
2.00$19,900Lot 143 Canyon Wren SHills Above Possum KingdomPalopintoTXDownload
0.683$297,500Tract 33 Highway 105 WJohn McDILLON SurveyMontgomeryTXDownload
4.25$150,000Lot 205 Single Shot CtTexas Grand RanchWalkerTXDownload
7.37 $99,900Tract 22 N Neal StW BOND SurveyHuntTXDownload
1.1340$29,900Lot 237 Early Morning DriveWaters Edge RanchHendersonTXDownload
2.87$99,900Lot 128 County Rd 2230ArrowheadNavarroTXDownload
3.01$125,000601 River Mountain DrRiver Mountain RanchKendallTXDownload
2.32$85,000Tract 6 Highway 36 NA0142 J.M. HARDEMAN SurveyWashingtonTXDownload
2.60$125,000209 Dogwood LaneABS A097 TAYLOR WM SurveyFayetteTXDownload
1.61$29,900Lot 15 Glenhollow Drive7-R RanchPalo PintoTXDownload
3.19$120,000577 Red Rose StreetMystic ShoresComal TXDownload
2.24$125,000Lot 407 Palomino SpringsBridlegateBanderaTXDownload
0.1527$70,0005 LargoHarborwalkGalveston TXDownload
9.44$199,900Lot 3 FM 2828F M GIBSON SurveyBanderaTXDownload
0.50$25,000Lot 3 Kingswood Dr Kingswood UnFreestoneTXDownload
0.9152$160,00028519 Mendecino Glen LnCommons WaterwayHarrisTXDownload

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